AmplifiED is a driven event firm dedicated to supporting schools, nonprofits, and community-based organizations in creating mission-forward and high quality events.

Galas & Benefits

AmplifiED is a driven event firm dedicated to supporting all of your event needs, while keeping your mission and organization center stage. So often when planning and executing a Gala or event, the organization and the people it serves take a back seat to the event. AmplifiEd is committed to work with our clients to ensure that the organization’s soul and voice are AmplifiED. We meet our clients exactly where they are and take events from imagination to exhibition—turning any pumpkin into a carriage.

Graduations & Award Ceremonies

Graduations and other award ceremonies are notoriously long and arduous; in fact, the majority of time spent just waiting for the names of loved ones to be called. AmplifiED can change that! Because we specialize in experiential events, we can amplify your ceremony by creating an original, fresh, and impactful event. From coaching young speakers to harvesting inspirational keynotes, creating entertaining videos to perfecting the flow of the program, we will customize your ceremony and create an event that is both memorable and distinguished.

Community Events

AmplifiED prides itself on two things: professionally curated events and building community. Whether you are planning a pep rally, fair, prom, or concert, AmplifiED ensures an innovative and experiential event for your audience. We are committed to engaging the entire community, using our “Ripple Effect” method to amplify pride, culture, and create lasting memories.


Long before AmplifiED did events, we got our start working with school and community theatrical productions. Often, organizations are looking for that one event to showcase the impact they have and display student work and talent, but are either short staffed or don’t have the expertise to produce high quality experiences. AmplifiED can take any amateur production and curate it to be a professional experience for participants to showcase their skills and wow audience members and key stakeholders.

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