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Every Wednesday, we will dedicate our Instagram grid to inspire you to create a wedding together in 6 easy steps, including finding your personal inspiration or point of view to tell your wedding story. From inspiration we will show you how to personalize your invitations, ceremony, cocktail-hour, reception and of course the Figs are a sweet delicious fruit, indigenous to an area extending from Asiatic Turkey to northern India, but natural seedlings grow in most Mediterranean countries. In America this fruit can be found in the backyard of dependents of these regions. In the North east you will notice them especially in the winter because they are usually the trees wrapped in nona’s blanket. We love them for their cultural origins, but mostly for the varying and distinctive green contrasting colors. They range from green, to purple and black in the outside with varying shades of blush.

Step 1

Inspiration! Today we are inspired by ripe figs. These beauties are delicate sweet fruit that is hard to grow and are awesome savory bites. I am most inspired by its rich contrasting colors, their Mediterranean origins, and its fertile symbolism. Today we plan an entire wedding around figs!

Step 2 – The Invitation

There are many things to love about this invitation suite; of course they are vibrant but the contrasting colors like the figs themselves pop out. Secondly, there is a mixed modern yet vintage feel to this calligraphy that really speaks to the aesthetic. This is blush and Ivory with a twist.

We are not really talking about fashion today, but how could we resist an opportunity to showcase our “figspirations” when seeing these perfectly sexy chic bridesmaids in their varying gown cuts. Our “Figspiration” didn’t stop there, get a look at these amazing oxford burgundy and olive colored groom footwear.

Step 3 – The Ceremony

Ceremony details are one of the most exciting parts of a wedding. The ritual is as old as time but can take on so many variations customized to each couple. For our “figspiration” we set the wedding
outdoors by the water, mixing vintage feels with modern lines. Creating an outdoor seaside cathedral goes perfectly with our inspiration and is easy to do! Renting vintage pews and a doorway frames the scene perfectly.

Step 4 – Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is usually everyones favorite part of the wedding. Though the ceremony was surely beautiful and tears I’m sure were shed because two people we love dearly just professed their love to one another, we want to drink and eat. This is another opportunity to tell your story. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. First start with a signature cocktail that reinforces the theme and your story. Today’s signature cocktail is called a “Figtini” and is made with a fig infused vodka and a ripe fig to finish it off. Perhaps a brown sugar rimmed glass could be the perfect addition to this “tail”. For decor, balance out the figspiration by departing from it for a little bit. Use flowers and simple illuminating elements that are subtle. We found purple orchids in tall vases filled with water and topped with a votive. Being a huge fan of of savory and sweet, we could not pass up this fig and gorgonzola spread with pistachios.

Step 5 – The Reception

This amazing tablescape with its 40-inch candelabras up against a misty (salty) sea as it’s backdrop is the perfect feel for our fig Inspired wedding. Now we may have gone a little overboard incorporating the figs here, but you can edit them where you see fit. Coco Chanel always says take one thing off before you leave the house. Perhaps we should have listened, but we were on a roll.

The mixed vintage floral china pattern really pairs well with our vintage vibe while staying chic and Mediterranean. If you look closely you will not see one fig on any of these plates. Well at least not in the pattern.

Step 6 – Cake

Look at this fig Wedding cake with a stone fondant finish! This really ties our theme and inspiration together so elegantly. The peonies on top are the perfect touch that supports the colors of our wedding. I imagine the cake is an olive oil flavored sweet cake with cream cheese
and fresh fruit fig filling.

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