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Amplified Events is committed to keeping the heart and soul of your organization center stage by creating professionally curated experiences which illuminates and amplifies your mission and the people you serve.

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Dare to make the impossible possible

Raise the bar each and every day

Identify innovative solutions

Value relationships

Electrify all experiences

Audre Lourde once said: “When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” This testament is echoed in everything JP Vigliotti produces as he ignites imagination into reality and soon enough, his insight and fearlessness begin to sweep across each team he works with. Jp has dedicated his life to creating experiences and events that not only move people but provoke thought and challenge the impossible.

A skilled and longtime theatre practitioner, Jp Vigliotti got his beginning studying theatrical production and design from Marymount Manhattan College by day and educating youth at night as part of a deep commitment to underserved communities. Forever equally engaged in the art of production and education, Jp would find ways to combine them whenever possible, churning out classic productions reimagined such as Les Miserables set in New York City during Occupy Wall Street or Oliver in East Harlem (El Barrio) during the Latino migration. The directorial work he did with Samm-Art Williams play Home in Los Angeles, garnished some attention for his “flawless staging” as written in LA Weekly.

His current passion project is creating and writing Madame Infamy, a musical following the life of Sally Hemings and Marie Antoinette.  Their parallel lives play out across geography and time as they challenge their fates, amidst the shadows of the men in their lives. Madame Infamy Premiered at the Signature Theatre; “The musical is thus a brilliant example of what might be called creative, feminist historiography.”-Huffington Post.

In 2014, Jp was appointed as the artistic director of the Harbor Conservatory in New York City where he was charged with creating and planning their benefit gala. Utilizing all of his creative and theatrical resources, Jp found a new passion and purpose to serve. Stepping out on a new mission, Jp created Amplified Events stitching creative and community events together to create immersive and memorable experiences to organizations in need of support. Through Amplified Events and Amplified Weddings, Jp has had the honor of working with such talent as Jennifer Hudson, Sean Combs, Vanessa Williams, and Andra Day to name a few. Jp can’t wait to work with you in creating a new and exciting experience. 

Jp Vigliotti

Owner and Executive Planner

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